Welcome to Laird Flyfishing

My name is Ian Phillips, and together with my wife Nicole, we are the resident coaches at Meadow Fishery in Cheshire. Why Laird Flyfishing?

My wife and I have holidayed in Scotland for the best part of 20 years, sometimes three or four times in the one year. People used to tell me that I should have been a Laird because I spent so much time there.

Then in 2009 as a birthday present, my wife decided to buy me a "title". To be a Laird you have to be a Scottish landowner. I am now the proud owner of one square foot of Glencairn in the Scottish highlands and can now be known as Laird Phillips!! Jokes aside, there is also an important conservation aspect to this gift in that it helps to preserve the integrity and beauty of Scotland's wilderness areas. When I decided to become a coach, the choice for a business name was clear...hence, Laird Flyfishing was born.