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Stillwater Tactics Days

Stillwater Tactics Day - 27/02/16 (Click to view)

27th February 2016

The weather was unusually warm, bright and with very little wind. There were not a lot of aquatic insects when we dipped the pond for the entomology session but we managed to get enough to stimulate a good conversation and show the flies that represent them. This was followed by a session on watercraft and the retrieval of different flies. After lunch we went onto the water. It was a slow and difficult afternoon but we did still catch a couple of fish and everyone enjoyed the day.

"Yet again I learned shed loads and enjoyed the day" - Ray Parker, Ellesmere Port

"Being a relative novice, the information I took in was invaluable. Learnt an awful lot in one day. Thank you." - George Crane, Wallasey

"Thank you for a great day and your hospitality" - Robert Shaw, Irby

River Dee - 18/08/2015 (Click to view)

15th August 2015



"Just a quick note to say thanks for a great day yesterday! I learnt a lot and I am really looking forward to getting some practice in. Indeed weather permitting my next trip will be on the Dee" - David Davies, Liverpool

"This was my first time fly fishing on a river, my first time wearing waders. I was nervous to start but with Ian and Nicole managed to gently calm my anxieties. The whole day was perfect from start to finish. Both Nicole and Ian were very attentive, sorting out any problems quickly and generously. There was loads of encouragement and frequent checks to see if we were okay and if we needed anything. The coaching was a perfect mix of spoken instruction, demonstration of techniques, and regular tweaks to ensure we got the maximum out of the day. All the flies we needed for the day were provided, as were the tapered leaders. Ian and Nicole were very patient and tailored the coaching session to our needs. Both coaches put a huge amount of effort and energy into the day. I throughly enjoyed myself...and I caught my first ever Grayling - and on a dry fly too!" - Tom Lawton, Liverpool


Stillwater Tactics Day - 03/05/2015 (Click to view)

3rd May 2015


Stillwater Tactics Day - 20/12/2014 (Click to view)

20th December 2014

A very small group on this occasion with very windy and challenging weather conditions.  The day started with the usual complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits, and then we progressed onto a casting clinic with specifics for the very strong winds on the day.  This was followed by an entomology session in the nice warm lodge.  This included looking at the insect life that we'd pond-dipped earlier and identifying the relevant flies to 'match the hatch'.  We then discussed retrieves, watercraft and the lake profiles at the fishery.  After lunch, we ventured onto the lake.  The wind was even stronger but both guys managed to cast very well and coped with the changing wind directions sterlingly.  3 fish were unfortunately lost at the net, the last one being at least 8 and a half pounds.  A good day was had by both with plenty of smiles and laughs all round.

"Great day, very easy going and very informative.  Now know how to cast safely and correctly." Paul Foster

"I had a fantastic day and learnt shed loads." Ray Parker

Stillwater Tactics Day - 25/01/2014 (Click to view)

25th January 2014

The morning started out very well.  The weather was lovely and all the guys were eager to get going.  We did sessions on casting, entomology, watercraft and retrieves.  The wind had started to pick up, so we concentrated more on techniques to counteract the wind.  After lunch, we went onto the lake and things started to get interesting!  We had gale-force winds, then a downpour of rain, then came the thunder and lightning, followed swiftly by hailstones the size of ball bearings - they felt like them as well!  We suspended the session until the thunder and lightning passed over.  We plied the students with tea, coffee and cakes, and after everyone had dried out a bit we ventured back onto the lake.  You have to commend the determination of these guys.  In spite of the bad weather, we managed to land one fish, and two more were lost during the remaining time.  It is a testament to the casting skills of all the guys to have been able to complete the day in such conditions.  Well done to you all.

"Enjoyable day.  Pity about the weather but we can't control that.  Ian and Nicole both very friendly and approachable.  Lots of good little tips."  Peter O'Connor

"Enjoyable day apart from the weather.  Ian was willing and able to answer any questions." Ralph Parkinson

"Enjoyed the day, everything was explained in details.  Ian and Nicole couldn't have been more helpful." Damon Edwards

"As usual, brilliant day." Andy Hough

"Apart from weather conditions, very good day." Don Brown

"This is the second time I've been and it has been totally different from the first.  Great information given and different from the first.  All in all, a great day and will definitely be attending another.  Thank you very much." Nick Fearn

"Came to enjoy a pleasant day - which I got.  Good company/pleasant group." Garry Scholes

Stillwater Tactics Day - 28/09/2013 (Click to view)

28th September 2013

Once again, the weather was fantastic, despite a rather gloomy forecast.  A nice cosy group of four, from mixed angling backgrounds.  The day started with a casting workshop, an entomology session followed which included a practical demonstration of typical retrieves of different flies.  After a leisurely lunch, it was onto the water for some fishing.  
5 fish were caught on the day, with another 10 lost just before the net.  
A good day all round.

Stillwater Tactics Day - 25/05/2013 (Click to view)

25th May 2013

A glorious day with plenty of sunshine and very little wind.  The group arrived expectantly in the morning.  They had a great time checking out all the bugs and insects after a casting clinic.  They then moved onto watercraft and retrieves.  In the afternoon everyone went onto the lake.  Seven attendees and seven fish caught, with some very large fish hooked and lost.  The day was great fun, everyone enjoyed themselves and a barbecue finished off the day perfectly.

"Most enjoyable and I'll come again." Matt Bardell, Tattenhall

"Great day.  Lots to take in and think about and it answered all of my questions being new to fly fishing." Stan Nuttall, Liverpool

"For me the level was spot on, obviously more experienced guys in the group, but didn't feel out of place and really took a lot from the day.  Many thanks." Anthony Trigg, Wrexham

"Fantastic day!  Excellent tuition from a coach who cares." Neil Muir, Warrington

Stillwater Tactics Day - 20/10/2012 (Click to view)

20th October 2012

Stillwater Tactics Day - 02/06/2012 (Click to view)

2nd June 2012

"Very useful. Opened up a whole new way of looking at Entomology. Good day learnt a lot. Thank you."
Richard Williams, Runcorn

"Very informative and detailed analysis of the different aquatic life forms within the water and a guide on the methods to represent the different flies/insects. An excellent day covering a lot more than I expected."
John Sherlock, Wallasey

"Brilliant day, would definitely like to attend another day. Learnt a great deal and gained lots of confidence."
Michael French, Runcorn

Stillwater Tactics Day - 01/10/2011 (Click to view)

1st October 2011

A well attended event, the weather was unseasonably hot at 29°c. But in spite of the weather
everyone had a great day with lots of interaction and fun.

Fish were caught on the day including a 6lb 6oz rainbow and all the students
are looking forward to the next one in the winter.

Watch this space!

Stillwater Tactics Day - 09/04/2011 (Click to view)

9th April 2011

We could not have picked a better day weather wise for the Tactics Day but not ideal for fly fishing. However despite the warm weather conditions the afternoon saw some fish being caught. Everyone had a thoroughly good day.

The morning session covered entomology, watercraft and retrieves.
Whilst the afternoon sessions was spent on the water practicing the skills learned.

Corporate Days

Corporate Days

1st July 2013

Staff from Mid-Cheshire College attended a Corporate Day at Meadow Fishery.  The weather was kind to us, but once again, it meant a great day for coaching, but unfortunately not so good for catching fish.  However a number of the group did hook into fish during the day.  Most of the staff were novices to fly fishing so the day started with Casting, Entomology and Watercraft workshops.  They then spent the afternoon on the lake to practice the techniques learnt and an enjoyable day was had by all.


"The whole experience was very well planned and executed.  The breakdown of the day into the habitat, casting and actual practice was very well organised." - Malcolm Bird

"An interesting and enjoyable day.  Ian and Nicole were excellent hosts and even better instructors.  They put us at ease and made a good day out a great one.  We will be lobbying the College for a return date!" - Alan Bolas

"This was an excellent day out.  The tuition was of a very high standard with lots of handy tips and advice.  Refreshments were provided where requested and facilities at the fishery were very good.  There was only one thing missing - none of us caught anything!" - Ben Brady

"I fully enjoyed the day with lots of useful hints on casting and knot tying.  As a beginner, the place was excellent and I was able to digest the techniques.  Excellent instruction from Ian and Nicole.  By the end of the day, I became much more confident." - Carlo Eves